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Ultimate Big Band Toolkit, Vol. 2

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The Musician’s Guide to the Big Band by Louis Dowdeswell & Callum Au
Volume 2

eBook with accompanying mp3s + bonus album

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By popular demand, Louis & Cal are back with the second edition of our best-selling Ultimate Big Band Toolkit! If you’ve wondered how a professional big band sounds as great as it does, this is the book for you.

Discover ten more brand-new arrangements in a huge variety of styles. Play along with every single part in your section and discover how they all fit together.

We’ve taken the thousands of hours of practising, performing, listening, and learning that we’ve accumulated and packaged it up into a comprehensive toolkit that contains everything we feel it takes to become a great big band musician.

When unpacking your toolkit, you’ll find an ebook with accompanying mp3s. There are seven editions – one for each big band instrument family.

  • 10 new tracks for you to play along to.
  • Short Guides on what it takes to be an amazing player.
  • World-class tutors to guide you through the eBook.
  • Incl. free album ‘Ultimate Big Band Toolkit Vol. 2’ of a world-class band playing the toolkit’s music.

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