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Disorganised Crime


by Callum Au

For 12 Trombones or 28 Trombones (2 Choirs) – all parts incl. score

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Despite some 5600 miles separating them, two groups of professional studio, jazz and orchestral trombonists, one in Los Angeles and the other in London, decided to make music together under the banner, Trombones United. Their goal is to share their love of music and their common instrument with the world. Composer/arranger Callum Au created “Disorganised Crime” a multi-styled original piece which features the 30 part trombone ensemble as well as the many outstanding soloists from within the group.

The recording features (in alphabetical order):
Callum Au, Barry Clements, Ryan Dragon, Tom Dunnett, Sam Freeman, Craig Gosnell, Juliane Gralle , Steve Holtman, Alex Iles, Carol Jarvis, Alan Kaplan, Phil Keen, Matt Lewis, Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, James Miller, Simon Minshall, Trevor Mires, Pete North, Bill Reichenbach, David Rejano, Dave Stewart, Jon Stokes, Steve Suminski, Mark ‘Tempo’ Templeton, Steve Trapani, Chris Traves, Francisco Torres, Alistair White, Andy Wood

Composer: Callum Au
Mixing & Producer: Chris Traves
Video Editor: Carol Jarvis